Bubble Tea Kit - Matcha

Complete Bubble Tea kit to make your own bubble teas or Boba Tea. With this pack, we offer you an easy recipe to make Matcha bubble tea with Tapioca pearls for ten people. A simple recipe and high-quality products to discover this fun and playful iced tea.

The Matcha Bubble Tea Kit includes:

- Organic Chun Mee n' Matcha green tea
- 1X Tapioca Pearls 250g
- Honey with Matcha Tea 150g
- 10 XXL Bubble Tea straws in sugar cane

* Makes at least 10 Bubble Teas.

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Bubble Tea: a fun and playful tea

Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan. The recipe is simple and has endless options: tea, fruit or tapioca pearls, syrup or honey and possibly milk. Just play around with the different flavours and ingredients to create whatever recipes you want. Bubble Tea is a delicious and refreshing drink. Sweet, fruity, tangy... so many different pleasures! Fruit or tapioca balls add an original and fun dimension to the experience. There's only one requirement: you need XXL straws to let the pearls through. 

Carefully selected ingredients

It isn't always easy to find the ingredients you need to make a homemade bubble tea: rare, industrial format, too sweet, too chemical. The offer isn't very wide and not always qualitative. 

So we've attached particular importance to the quality of the elements of our Bubble Tea pack. Our green tea, like the majority of teas offered at Phileas Lounge, comes from organic farming. Tapioca pearls are specially designed for Bubble Tea. With a good texture and an ideal diameter, they're easier to make than most products on the market. Finally, we've decided to take advantage of this DIY Kit to introduce you to an artisanal honey Matcha tea. It brings a touch of originality and delicacy to your Bubble Tea recipes which you'll tell us all about.

This is also the advantage of homemade Bubble Tea: you know exactly what's in it - and that can only be a good thing!

Matcha Bubble Tea recipe

With the ingredients offered in the Kit, we suggest you make a Matcha bubble tea with Tapioca pearls. Follow the guide!

1- Make 20 cl of tea and let it cool (or 30 cl if you're making it without milk)

2- Add 10 cl of milk (optional) as well as two tsp of honey

3- Mix with a spoon or a shaker

4- Add the Tapioca pearls (to make Tapioca pearls, see our little tutorial)

5- Dip in your XXL straw and start sipping!