Bubble Tea Milky Powder - Strawberry

Strawberry Bubble Tea Milky Powder for making bubble tea.

Made with natural ingredients without artificial coloring and flavoring. Packaged in a resealable doypack.

The 250g format allows you to make about 6 Bubble Teas.

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The recipe for Bubble Tea Milky with Strawberry fruit pearls

With the strawberry Milky Powder , we suggest you make a Bubble Tea with strawberry popping bobas caffein-free. Follow the guide!

Bubble Tea Strawberry Recipe

1- In a blender, pour 200ml of water and 50ml of milk
2- Add 4-5 teaspoons (about 40g) of powder and blend until thick and creamy
3- Add fruit pearls
4- Add some ice cubes
5- Dip your XXL straw and take a sip!