Matcha Green Tea - Organic

Organic Matcha green tea is a very fine tea powder used in Japanese ceremonies. Matcha comes from a harvest of green tea, Tencha. The leaves are then passed through a stone mill to obtain a fine powder in the traditional way. The drink has an intense green colour and is sweet and aromatic.

Organic tea.

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Organic Matcha green tea tasting

Matcha comes from a harvest of tencha green tea. Unlike other teas, it’s reduced to a very fine powder using a stone mill. Its taste, like its appearance, is very green, intense without being too harsh. It’s appreciated for its taste, of course, but also for its antioxidant properties. It’s also considered a super-food, used both in drinks and in cooking or cosmetics. Unlike traditional tea, matcha doesn’t infuse. It’s drunk mixed with water, according to a process which is detailed below.

The art of preparing Matcha

Matcha is at the centre of a very codified ceremony in Japan, but you can also enjoy it without a kimono with a good flick of the wrist.

The preparation of Matcha tea is governed by very specific rules. To do this, place a few grams of Matcha at the bottom of a bowl and add a small amount of hot (not boiling) water. The Chasen or tea whisk then allows you to beat the mixture until you get a homogeneous mixture without any lumps. The aim is to get an even consistency and a frothy beverage (depending on the schools) to drink. 

The preparation differs slightly depending on whether you want to make an Usucha (thin tea) or a Koisha (thick tea).

Making Usucha

Usucha is the most common infusion, light and airy. It consists of: 

  1. Putting between 1 and 2 grams of Matcha in your bowl
  2. Adding 80ml of water at 75 degrees
  3. Mixing using your Chasen whisk. The handling of the Chasen has to be fast and lively, from top to bottom or in an M shape. Every so often you'll also need to whip the sides of the bowl to get rid of any tea powder residue on the edges.
  4. Once your mixture is homogeneous and the surface of your matcha has a fine foam, it's ready. You can taste your Usucha.

Making Koisha

Koisha is usually practiced during the tea ceremony and is prepared with high-quality Matcha. You then need to:

  1. Place between 3 to 4 grams of Matcha in your bowl
  2. Add 40ml of hot water at 75 degrees
  3. Mix using your Chasen whisk. The handling of the Chasen is slower and more delicate than it is for making Usucha.
  4. Once you have a dense, homogeneous beverage without any foam, it's ready. You can enjoy your Koisha.

An organic Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea is made with ingredients from organic farming. The European organic label guarantees that the products comply with the European Union's organic farming regulations, based on the prohibition of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.

Store away from moisture and light.